[AZ-Observing] pictures of annular eclipse trip to Page, AZ

  • From: "Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)" <mrgalaxy@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 05:13:49 GMT

Benson, AZ 85602
hm ph: 520-586-2244 Let's see how this turns out. I haven't tried uploading 
images to Facebook before. It's been a painful process...  These are the images 
I took from our HAC trip to Page, AZ for the recent Annular Eclipse. I guess 
you click on the below link, or if that doesn't work, copy and paste the string 
and insert it into your browser's search window. Hope it works! I'm in the 
turquoise shirt. I'll let my fellow travelers (Tommy, David and Gloria, and 
Calvin and Chris) decide if they want to identify themselves. It was a great 
time. There were about 400 people gathered at Wahweap Outlook, the weather was 
perfect, the crowd was well-behaved, and the equipment worked fine. The annular 
ring surprised me my turning out pretty well since all I could do was hold my 
Kodak Easyshare camera behind my properly filtered binoculars and hope that I 
got a decent image. Believe it or not, my favorite shot of the bunch was the 
bootprint. I thought it was reminiscent of the moonlander's similar shot. 
Clear skies, 
Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)
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