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  • From: "Shaun Dixon" <shauninorbit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 17:16:00 -0700

List Members,

Ive been lurking on the list for awhile now, and now that I have gotten most 
of my parts for my first telescope, I am almost ready to do some real 
observing. I reviewed some of the information on Tom's website [found at 
http://www.psiaz.com/polakis/azsites/azsites.html ]. There seems to be two 
decent sites in the Tucson area, one being the Empire Ranch and the other 
the newer TIMPA site. TIMPA is alot closer to me than Empire Ranch which 
appears to be way south of tucson (I live on the Northwest side). I have yet 
to go to either.

MY question is about 2 sites. Sentinel and Vekol Ranch. According to Toms 
site it mentions "Very little traffic travels on Vekol Road". How are the 
roads to both sites? It will be mostly Highway to these sites, which is cool 
(and I love to drive) but my car can not handle dirt roads very well unless 
mantained nicely. Its a tiny Nissan Sentra and sits maybe 4 or so inches off 
the ground. If the roads are not all that great, how far would it be to park 
at the beggining of them and walk to the actuall observing site?

Thanks for any info...

Shaun - Tucson, AZ
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