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Yes, but they can see the Moon thru a telescope from their backyard or the
city where they live.  They can't be blown away by a view of M51 or the
Dumbell unless the moon phase is small.  I don't mind the event a few days
after full - as long as there is SOME dark sky.  People do like to see the
moon, but with an 8 day old Moon, nearly every scope will be showing it,
Jupiter and Venus, period (Oops, scratch that, won't have Venus next year,
though Saturn improves, as Jupiter rises much later).  They will miss some
truly amazing stuff like B86, the Triffid, Veil Nebula - you get the idea.
 We want to introduce them to astronomy, but also to what a really dark
sky looks like.


> I can wait....I was just looking at the Moon calendar and thought I
would let people start thinking about what they want.to do.
> Wasn't it 2 years ago we had it real early and people wondered if they
> make it. We are almost hitting Riverside if go May 31st.
> Good thing this is a public star party, people like to see the Moon anyway.
> Thom

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