[AZ-Observing] Re: All Arizona Messier Marathon Report St. Patrick's Day 2007

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As promised, here are a few shots from this weekend's Messier Marathon
at Ray Farnsworth's ranch near AZ City.  Unfortunately, the shot of Ray
with his granddaughter alongside AJ was blurred...it was either operator
error or AJ has that kind of effect on people.  


 - Bernie

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Granddaughter, an' a feisty one at that!!

Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden)

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There was also at least one person reportedly from India at the MM (I
think that's the long-distance record this year!) and a buddy that I
brought along who lives in North Carolina.

For the record, I didn't get a chance to verify M30 in Tom's scope, but
picked it up very fleetingly in my own 12.5" f5.

Also, for a lot of folks like me that had never met Ray Farnsworth who,
without his permission this land would not be available for our use, it
was a very special moment to meet him and thank him.  I thanked him on
behalf of all of us that hadn't had a chance up to that point to meet
him for all the years he has allowed us to use the property.  I managed
a blurry photo of him, AJ, and I believe a daughter or neice that I'll
post as soon as I get a chance.

As always, thanks to AJ, Jack, Peter, the EVAC snack table hearty
volunteers, and any others that helped make this another very enjoyable

- Bernie

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