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There was also at least one person reportedly from India at the MM (I
think that's the long-distance record this year!) and a buddy that I
brought along who lives in North Carolina.

For the record, I didn't get a chance to verify M30 in Tom's scope, but
picked it up very fleetingly in my own 12.5" f5.

Also, for a lot of folks like me that had never met Ray Farnsworth who,
without his permission this land would not be available for our use, it
was a very special moment to meet him and thank him.  I thanked him on
behalf of all of us that hadn't had a chance up to that point to meet
him for all the years he has allowed us to use the property.  I managed
a blurry photo of him, AJ, and I believe a daughter or neice that I'll
post as soon as I get a chance.

As always, thanks to AJ, Jack, Peter, the EVAC snack table hearty
volunteers, and any others that helped make this another very enjoyable

- Bernie

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According to Peter Argenziano, there were 17 vehicles at the AZ City
site for the Friday night not-official-marathon festivities; actually,
make that 18 vehicles if you include the Border Patrol helicopter that
blasted quite a few folks & scopes with enough light to check a green
card from a safe distance.
I counted 87 vehicles for the Saturday "Official" Marathon, with a ~140
people and at least one dog (Rascal Polakis thee best astro-dog ever).
Peter counted 115 people and one dog at the pre-M74 info-mercial
eloquently delivered by Marathon Maestro, AJ Crayon.  Thank you Saguaro
Astronomy Club Deep Sky Group for sponsorship!  And thank you Jack
Jones, SAC Events Co-coordinator Dude for arranging T-shirts and
A very unofficial survey indicated 51.31475% of the attendees were not
participating in the Marathon this year and nearly 27% of the
non-marathoners were only there for the free midnight snacks and coffee
provided by East Valley Astronomy Club. Thanks for that! It made for a
great impetus to get out of the warmy sleeping bag to surf the Milky Way
and all its glorious glories.  M24 Rules!

Amateur Astronomers came from California, Indiana, Michigan, Chicago,
Seattle, Denver, Oregon, and Mexico specifically for the Marathon this
year! Or maybe they said they came for the 90o photons to thaw their
hands enough to operate a focuser.

It was especially nice to meet up with SAC's previous president and main
ATM guy, Thad Robosson, who made his way North from Sierra Vista for the
event; what a relief to see he did not fall into a black hole as
rumored.   Also traveling from Tucumcari to Tucson:-) was another SAC
alumni, Sheryl Gambardella-always intent on bagging a few more Ms than
last time.--Hey! add New Mexico to the out-of-state list!

Tom Polakis fine tuned observing software and telescope in pursuit of
that elusive, impossible, invisible, morning Sun companion M30 bagging
it against all odds.  His observation with his 10" f5.6, Spooner mirror
Dob was verified by at least 3 other people including me, Bernie Sanden,
and Frank Kraljic and maybe a 4th observer, Paul Lind.  Paul--did you
see it in Tom's scope????

Looking forward to AJ's Crayon's official results from those marathoners
who got their list in on time.

Jenn Polakis
Secretary, Saguaro Astronomy Club   
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