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  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 08:11:22 -0400

According to the red smiley face on my office wall that faces the alley your
statement is in conflict with what I am finding. I am sure your next excuse is
you were framed.

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Heaver would love it if you moved back to Ohio! Party all the time!!!! Cause
we sure know how to paint the town red!!! Oh boy, someone is going to run with
that aren't they? Painting and town? Crap! I didn't paint in the alley I
promise!!!!! We had a good time while Bethie was here. It was fun but not
long enough! Selah misses hr Auntie Beffies!!!

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On May 5, 2015, at 6:18 PM, BethAnn LaPresta <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am contemplating just such a move...hard to decide since my sons are here and
Heaver and mom are in Ohio.


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Oh… yes… the small questions of life for sure . No doubt about it *LOL*. I
sinced the radar was a little wonky on your whereabouts and that explains it
*LOL*. I am sure when the time is right all those small questions of life will
fall right into place. Perhaps a move back to Ohio?

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Hi Josh,

I managed to visit Heaver in Ohio without all of you knowing...it was a great

Contemplating career, where to live, what kind of car I should get next,
etc...you know the small questions of life :)

Hope you can stay out of trouble for 5 minutes, would anyone like to take that
bet now that Joshie is all graduated and looking to stir up trouble somewhere??



From: Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [audio-pals] Surely to Goodness

Surely to goodness I of all people can get someone stirred up on here *LOL*. If
not I guess I am losing my touch. So, what is everyone up to? I am
contemplating a few things such as future plans, politics and how to get the
state to recognize disability as part of diversity rather than something
separate, making an app for my universities disability office so that students
can post questions that hey otherwise would not be comfortable asking, how to
help Amanda get back in the job force, and while I am at trying to figure out
how to best help Amanda get back in the job market also thinking about the wage
gap that exists between males and females working in the same field and same
position. It was much larger than it is today, but it is still about an .18
cent difference. Whether I should just get a job or go on to graduate school.
With Amanda being out of work it is very tempting to start putting in
applications now that I am finished with the undergraduate part of things. One
professor that my final was an essay and that I was worried about the grade in
that class wrote me yesterday and told me that I currently have the highest
grade in her class. So, only one grade still out. Hey Heaver, you are pretty
opinionated what do you have to say about all of this? *LOL*. Yes, I called you
out Heaver. Bethann, are you going to just sit idly by and fight the urge to
respond? Surely not, that is not in your character. Don, I am going to have to
change the subject line to your name in order to get you to respond, c’mon
don’t be shy you will never get any of your shine sold by being shy *LOL*.
Besides who has ever heard of a shy biker gang dude *LOL*. With all you have
done taking on Castro in Cuba, riding through the psychological investigation
office wall on your bike, and chasing wild women all over town there is no
reason to be shy now. Danny, I am guessing that you finally got moved back in
your tree. Is that a safe assumption? Have you and the squirrels settled any
disagreements that may have lead to the eviction from your tree? Jamie, are you
keeping the peace there in Scotland, keeping your dance music down to tolerable
levels? Liz, I hope that Roy will disable the blizzard machine now that I am
finishing up with school *LOL*. Suzi, how is the bowling game coming along?
Bowling any 300’s lately? Tom, hopefully you are keeping your neighbors in line
there in Illinois. How is Pat doing? For the newer members that I have not
really gotten to harass…I mean get to know due to school implementing time
constraints on me *LOL* I hope to be able to get to know you all better now
that school is out. I also hope to post to the group an audio letter before
long. Well, now that I have hopefully started a firestorm of messages I will go
for now *LOL*. As all my hippie brothers and sisters would say peace *throws up
a peace sign while exiting* *LOL*.

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