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Well we’ll check the one over in Kankakee when we are up there, that is a much
larger store, although who ever does the par wording at that store is a little
goofy with what product they order, but that is a whole different discussion.
Most of the ones we saw yesterday have the digital controls though, there was
just one that had a turn knob control. Again I’m not so sure how well a
digital control box is when it’s near a heat source. I know they are nice and
cheap probably, but not so cheap probably when you need to replace one because
it gets to hot from a stove or in this case a pot and the solder melts inside
it. Amazon may have them too come to think about it though.

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I’m sure if you want one , you can buy one on an internet site.
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Nope ht ebird’s name is Winston, or Winny as we call him, and he is a gabby
politician kind of bird.

When we we’re at Wal-mart over in Watseka today we checked to see if they had
any electric pots, but they only had the skillets, all the rest were
crockpots. But these pots have the thermostat plug that you plug into it for
power and thus heat, they can seriously do some cooking. About as good as a
pot on the burner of a decent stove, so a person could touch it and burn
themselves if not careful if it’s turned up. Cindy thinks we have one around
here some place, she thinks her mom gave both she and Pat one, but if we have
one then it’s stored away some place, like the shed. I know we had one that
we had gotten from her great Aunt, but that one went bad, but that one was
probably bought back in the 70s at the latest, but these things you can make
a serious pot of stew with the ingredients not having been cooked before, so
you know what it can do to a little pork roast, although I never brought the
temperature up that much because I want it to barbecue, and that of course is
slow cooking. Well it’s been in there for over 24 hours, and is resting now,
so shortly I will take it out and spread it, and that probably won’t be much
work at all to get that done. I think it will make some good pork barbecue.
I usually do them for 12 hours to 16, but my best ones have been 24 hour
cooking, so I’m hoping this one will be one of the better ones then. If
Patti hasn’t already gotten into it *lol*. She was curious about it, but at
least earlier today she didn’t mess with it, but when we got home she was
wanting to get into it I think, so she must see that it’s done through the

Maybe we’ll try to get Winny over here Thursday it’s supposed to be in the
mid 80s outside that day so should be pretty safe to move him because next
week is supposed to be cooler again, back in mid and upper 60s for start of
week, to move him in that would require covering him probably, or his cage
would have to be covered good because of wind draft, that could get a
tropical bird sick quick.

Years ago when temps would be in 80s and 90s Pat would roll the parrots
outside to let them enjoy what all was going on and they would react to all
of the outside birds and people etc. We didn’t do that from our house
though, but when Pat lived with her mother and father is when she would take
the birds outside. She used to take Thumbs out with her just on her
shoulder, drive around with him and the whole 9 yards in summer time. I’m
not sure that would work now though because he’s been in his own cage for so
many years even if Pat were fully functional. But then again thats how good
she was with animals. I think she could walk up to a poler bear and pet it,
and maybe even get it to go to Heather’s house *lol*.
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It sounds like a lot going on there in your neck of the woods. The pork
roast sounds good too. I have never heard of an electric pot. I thought one
crock pot was the same as the next pot when it came to things like that. I
am glad to hear that you have not killed Pat with your cooking. Is the birds
name Gabby?

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While exiting at high speed too right?

Nah not much happening here really. Pat’s mom got her knee replaced last
Wednesday, so Pat’s sister has been over there mostly the past few days,
which means Pat has to survive with my cooking. So far she’s alive and not
complaining, but it usually has to be pretty bad before Pat complains *lol*.

Speaking of cooking, I put a pork roast in the electric pot yesterday,
cooked it at medium for quite a few hours then turned it down to low while I
was sleeping, and now have it back up to medium. When done it should be
fall apart barbecue. The electric pot has a lot more power than a crockpot.
The medium settings are hotter than crockpot for anyone who hasn’t ever
used one before. I haven’t ever done a pork roast with one either, we do
have a roaster that sort of works the same way and I’ve done pork with that,
but with the pot it’s cooking in the sauce. Danny won’t like that since
it’s a wet barbecue, although I bet if I passed him a sandwich of it he
would still eat it.

At some point on a nice warm day we are going to move Pat’s mom’s bird over
here. He’s lived here before so he and our bird know each other. It’s
becoming more of a challenge for Barb to take care of him, and I think she
worries about him being isolated to much. SO there will be some adjustment
period when he comes over here, because he won’t be used to having people
around him all the time, and he is much more gabby than our bird, but he is
also much more social than our bird too. Being a cockatoo, they are less
apt to imprint to just one person as a macaw does, thus he’s more apt to be
interactive too. So our house will get louder. It may force Patti and I to
become day people too, or we’ll have to move bedroom upstairs, which I
wouldn’t mind actually come to think about it. I think Pat could handle it
now too. The electric bill will increase some because we would be running a
window unit up there, but it probably wouldn’t go up to much. It’s more of
just the matter of moving back up there and cleaning stuff up up there.

Other than that not much else, just killing zombies. Oh also not this past
Sunday but the Sunday before we went over to church for the morning service
instead of going on Saturday evening. Pat did well with it, no problem.
Hopefully we can keep doing that and they can just cancel the Saturday
evening services, we are usually the only ones that show up over there for
that. Our preacher has cancer, and it’s an aggressive form of it, this
would give him a break so he can get more rest, or spend more time with his
family at least too. Probably best for him to make what memories he can
because the clock is probably ticking pretty loud for him now. We can
already tell it’s sapping his strength some. So I am thinking in a year or
less the church will be having to explore hiring another pastor, but I also
know the one we have will keep doing what he can until he drops too, just
that sort of person.

So the future is offering a number of changes to come probably.

Oh also Josh, one thing that is often forgotten concerning the wages for
women verses men is that the cost of benefits are typically higher for women
for healthcare needs, so weigh those costs and see if that equals out the
equation a little more to a balance. People often forget that the benefits
package is also their wage, it’s not coming out of the company’s pocket even
if they do say they are matching or covering it, in reality it is just a
cost of labor to stay competitive and it’s all a wage when totaled up. They
just don’t give out of the goodness of their hearts, they count it as their
wages they are paying you, it’s just that you don’t see it. Well not until
you deal with the insurance company and find out you are in a disastrous HMO

Same with the taxes paid out, they say it’s them paying half, but in
reality, they are just paying half of it before they give you the rest,
because if you weren’t there they wouldn’t be paying for that slot, thus
it’s actually part of your wage package..

The advantage is that they can deal with the leverage of a group of
employees verses you as an individual trying to leverage an insurance
company to get the best deal possible. Which is what you might do if they
just converted it all into cash and paid you.
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Surely to goodness I of all people can get someone stirred up on here
*LOL*. If not I guess I am losing my touch. So, what is everyone up to? I
am contemplating a few things such as future plans, politics and how to get
the state to recognize disability as part of diversity rather than
something separate, making an app for my universities disability office so
that students can post questions that hey otherwise would not be
comfortable asking, how to help Amanda get back in the job force, and while
I am at trying to figure out how to best help Amanda get back in the job
market also thinking about the wage gap that exists between males and
females working in the same field and same position. It was much larger
than it is today, but it is still about an .18 cent difference. Whether I
should just get a job or go on to graduate school. With Amanda being out of
work it is very tempting to start putting in applications now that I am
finished with the undergraduate part of things. One professor that my final
was an essay and that I was worried about the grade in that class wrote me
yesterday and told me that I currently have the highest grade in her class.
So, only one grade still out. Hey Heaver, you are pretty opinionated what
do you have to say about all of this? *LOL*. Yes, I called you out Heaver.
Bethann, are you going to just sit idly by and fight the urge to respond?
Surely not, that is not in your character. Don, I am going to have to
change the subject line to your name in order to get you to respond, c’mon
don’t be shy you will never get any of your shine sold by being shy *LOL*.
Besides who has ever heard of a shy biker gang dude *LOL*. With all you
have done taking on Castro in Cuba, riding through the psychological
investigation office wall on your bike, and chasing wild women all over
town there is no reason to be shy now. Danny, I am guessing that you
finally got moved back in your tree. Is that a safe assumption? Have you
and the squirrels settled any disagreements that may have lead to the
eviction from your tree? Jamie, are you keeping the peace there in
Scotland, keeping your dance music down to tolerable levels? Liz, I hope
that Roy will disable the blizzard machine now that I am finishing up with
school *LOL*. Suzi, how is the bowling game coming along? Bowling any 300’s
lately? Tom, hopefully you are keeping your neighbors in line there in
Illinois. How is Pat doing? For the newer members that I have not really
gotten to harass…I mean get to know due to school implementing time
constraints on me *LOL* I hope to be able to get to know you all better now
that school is out. I also hope to post to the group an audio letter before
long. Well, now that I have hopefully started a firestorm of messages I
will go for now *LOL*. As all my hippie brothers and sisters would say
peace *throws up a peace sign while exiting* *LOL*.

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