[audio-pals] Re: Phone Recorder Issues

  • From: Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx>
  • To: audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 10:01:44 -0500

Has that app had an update lately?  It may not have caught up with the last 
i-os update.  If it has had an update, you may want to take the app out and re 
download it.  
On Jul 6, 2014, at 12:55 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>    I hope everyone had a great 4th. Amanda, myself, and little man all had a 
> great time on the 4th. We had a cookout with my side of the family over at my 
> dad and mom’s house as well as shot off some fireworks. The little guy loved 
> the firework show. There were probably close to 30 people in attendance all 
> family members, but not all of my family. That was probably just a 1/3 to ½ 
> of my family on my mom’s side. My dad’s sister and her husband (my aunt and 
> uncle) were able to come too. My cousin’s wife on my dad’s side also was able 
> to come, but he had to work night shift patrol so he was unable to attend due 
> to needing sleep. My cousins from the Philippines came in on Saturday. Her 
> husband was in for a little while, but had to return to work so he is back in 
> the Philippines. Saturday we went up to a place called the Island in Pigeon 
> Forge. For the most part it is a great place to just hang out for a little 
> while. The island has shops, rides, and eating establishments as well as live 
> music. A girl by the name of Emmy Sunshine was up there. She has some Youtube 
> videos, from my understanding she is about Little Man’s age which is 8, but 
> she does a great job singing. They had some other live music as well in 
> different areas of the Island. We went to one eating establishment and after 
> we ordered our drinks we got up and left. From the time you walk in they are 
> screaming at you. In order to hear each other you have to scream to talk, you 
> get things thrown at you such as a wadded up  napkin hit me in the side of 
> the head. The establishment also makes you wear these hats while you eat that 
> read for example “It cost a lot of money to look this cheap” and “I blame my 
> farts on my kids”.We had a lot expensive equipment there at the table and the 
> server she was threatening to drench the entire table with water. I told her 
> I hoped she had a lot of money to replace the phones she was going to damage 
> and she quit talking about throwing water on the table. It was definitely not 
> a family eating establishment. Basically if you want to go there you want to 
> go and drink without socializing. So, after talking to the manager we got up 
> and left. We went next door to a restaurant that had an Outback or nicer 
> atmosphere. The worst place in the world to eat is Dick’s Last Resort, as I 
> told my family members it is definitely a last resort kind of place. We loved 
> the Timberland though they had great food and a great atmosphere.
>      While up there we ran into one of the University of Tennessee’s 
> Linebackers and he posed for a picture with my 82 year old grandmother. My 
> grandmother and a hand full of other family members rode a Ferris Wheel that 
> went 200 feet in the air at the very top. I tried to put all this into a 
> recording this morning and I tried to record yesterday using my phone’s Drop 
> Vox application, but for some reason or antoehr it is not working. It will 
> post the recording, but as soon as I press enter on the file, the way that I 
> play all of my other files from this application, it immediately gives me the 
> play button again. So, it is creating a file, but no voice transmission is 
> happening.         

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