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The dragon movies can be a little intense, so you may want to read a review or 
two to see what you think first.  I use Plugged In movie reviews, not sure how 
user-friendly it is for reader programs though.  If you're interested, I can 
email you the review in a friendlier format, just let me know.
I will be sure and let Bob know he is to keep his nose clean, although he is a 
cat (and not a dog) and that isn't usually a problem for him.
I am wondering if someone threw a firework at him or scared him with one badly 
enough to have him actually using the indoor litterbox he hasn't used in YEARS. 
 It's very different than any other year to be sure. 

On Monday, July 7, 2014 10:56 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have not seen “How to Train Your Dragon ” 1 much less 2. I am glad to hear it 
was a good movie though. Is it a kid friendly movie? We did have a blast. The 
“Poor Bob” that we have here in Tennessee resides in the Gatlinburg Aquarium, 
he is a one fin stingray. Bob is probably suffering or having flashback of the 
birds he killed and in time will recuperate fully. As of right now though all 
charges against Bob will have to be dropped due to his inability to stand trial 
for the crimes *LOL*. I considered getting the courts to remand him to house 
arrest for the rest of his life, but I am in a generous mood and just decided 
to drop the charges. Since it never went to court he can be charged for killing 
birds in the future without fear of being in violation of the Double Jeopardy 
Law. So, pass the word on to Bob that I said keep his nose clean or else *LOL*. 
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Sounds like you all had a great time, Josh.  I went to see, "How to Train Your 
Dragon 2" on the 4th of July in the evening.  Great movie, nice follow up to 
the original.  Bob has yet to emerge from the house since he heard some 
fireworks starting a couple of weeks ago.  He has been living in my bedroom 
closet and under the bed when he hears the fireworks.  Poor little fella!
Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July here in the states!
On Sunday, July 6, 2014 2:57 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am not sure about it’s last update. I will try removing it and reinstalling 
it to see if that fixes the problem.
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Has that app had an update lately?  It may not have caught up with the last 
i-os update.  If it has had an update, you may want to take the app out and re 
download it.  
On Jul 6, 2014, at 12:55 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everyone,
   I hope everyone had a great 4th. Amanda, myself, and little man all had a 
great time on the 4th. We had a cookout with my side of the family over at my 
dad and mom’s house as well as shot off some fireworks. The little guy loved 
the firework show. There were probably close to 30 people in attendance all 
family members, but not all of my family. That was probably just a 1/3 to ½ of 
my family on my mom’s side. My dad’s sister and her husband (my aunt and uncle) 
were able to come too. My cousin’s wife on my dad’s side also was able to come, 
but he had to work night shift patrol so he was unable to attend due to needing 
sleep. My cousins from the Philippines came in on Saturday. Her husband was in 
for a little while, but had to return to work so he is back in the Philippines. 
Saturday we went up to a place called the Island in Pigeon Forge. For the most 
part it is a great place to just hang out for a little while. The island has 
shops, rides,
 and eating establishments as well as live music. A girl by the name of Emmy 
Sunshine was up there. She has some Youtube videos, from my understanding she 
is about Little Man’s age which is 8, but she does a great job singing. They 
had some other live music as well in different areas of the Island. We went to 
one eating establishment and after we ordered our drinks we got up and left. 
From the time you walk in they are screaming at you. In order to hear each 
other you have to scream to talk, you get things thrown at you such as a wadded 
up  napkin hit me in the side of the head. The establishment also makes you 
wear these hats while you eat that read for example “It cost a lot of money to 
look this cheap” and “I blame my farts on my kids”.We had a lot expensive 
equipment there at the table and the server she was threatening to drench the 
entire table with water. I told her I hoped she had a lot of money to replace 
the phones she was going to
 damage and she quit talking about throwing water on the table. It was 
definitely not a family eating establishment. Basically if you want to go there 
you want to go and drink without socializing. So, after talking to the manager 
we got up and left. We went next door to a restaurant that had an Outback or 
nicer atmosphere. The worst place in the world to eat is Dick’s Last Resort, as 
I told my family members it is definitely a last resort kind of place. We loved 
the Timberland though they had great food and a great atmosphere.
     While up there we ran into one of the University of Tennessee’s 
Linebackers and he posed for a picture with my 82 year old grandmother. My 
grandmother and a hand full of other family members rode a Ferris Wheel that 
went 200 feet in the air at the very top. I tried to put all this into a 
recording this morning and I tried to record yesterday using my phone’s Drop 
Vox application, but for some reason or antoehr it is not working. It will post 
the recording, but as soon as I press enter on the file, the way that I play 
all of my other files from this application, it immediately gives me the play 
button again. So, it is creating a file, but no voice transmission is 

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