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Josh, As far as FHA goes, it allows for a lower down payment and while it does 
charge a monthly insurance premium, if you can find a good deal on the house 
itself, it may be well worth the extra in the long run.  You can always 
refinance into conventional down the road.  Was the 4% interest rate  on the 
FHA loan or the down payment assistance portion?   Conventional is obviously 
the best choice as far as interest rates go (usually), there are also special 
deals with conventional loans---my original loan was only 5% down (I think you 
need at least a 680 credit score).  FHA is better if you only have the 3.5% for 
a down payment, although they do have a pretty sizeable mortgage insurance 
premium (I think it's an up front 1.75% of the loan amount). I am not familiar 
with the down payment assistance program, I've certainly never heard 10 
years...but if you get a place you really like, that sounds like a good option. 
Hope that helps,BethAnn
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everyone,  For anyone that is new and has not gotten a formal welcome from me, 
then I apologize, but welcome and I hope you all enjoy your time here on the 
list. My name is Josh, sometimes people just call me instigator, as well as a 
host of other names that I probably should not say here on the list *LOL*. 
However, Born and raised right here in Knoxville, Tennessee about 30 minutes 
from the Smoky Mountains. I am 29 and holding for 4 years getting ready to be 5 
years holding here on Saturday. I am married to Amanda who puts up with all of 
my crazy antics. The things I pull on the list are mild to the things I have 
subjected her to *LOL*. We have a son who is 9 years old and is constantly on 
the go. Both Amanda and I are college students. Amanda is finishing up her 
Paralegal program this semester and I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s in 
psychology this semester as well. I am still in the process of trying to decide 
whether to go to law school or continue on with psychology, but when the time 
is right I will know which direction to go with my graduate school endeavors. I 
may find a job at the Bachelor’s level that will keep me happy and content who 
knows. When I know though, you all will know too. I enjoy spending time with 
family and friends, reading (true crime and fiction), travelling although I 
have not gotten an opportunity to do much travelling since starting college, 
taking trips to the mountains, swimming, as well as I enjoy shooting my guns 
and learning new things. I think of myself as a very open minded individual, 
but I am sure there is someone that will come along and shatter any thoughts 
that I had regarding my open mindedness. I generally have no problem speaking 
my mind when it comes to advocating. In fact I love advocating, most people 
that I talk to in regards of advocating do not like the fact that I am 
advocating though *LOL*. I tend to have problems with true idiots. By true 
idiots I mean one’s that feel like they know it all and in reality they know 
nothing. By the time you get to know me and spend time on the list you will 
probably think I am one that borders on the true idiot comment, but I do like 
to laugh and have fun on the list as I hope you will also take part in. 
However, bare in mind that I do not play favorites, if the opportunity presents 
itself I will use anything you have to say to play my joke, just ask. *LOL*. I 
want you to know though that I do not mean any harm and if I cause anyone to 
feel uncomfortable please feel free to call me out, but other than that feel 
free to take anything I say and run with it too.  I hope with this introduction 
you have gotten to know me a little better and if you have any questions I will 
do my best to answer them to the best of my ability. Take care and have fun. It 
probably will not be until I get a break, but when I get a break I will try and 
post a recording up on the Audio Pals site so everyone that hasn’t can hear 
what I sound like and put a voice with the absurd comments I am making in the 
email side of things *LOL*.  Now for the update. I have managed to get the 
instructor in Criminology to quit blasting the police with her distasteful 
remarks. We are still in the process of house hunting. Amanda has now started 
working in the law firm and she says there is a lot to learn, but she enjoys it 
there. I have taken a quiz in one class so far and scored a 5.5 out of 5, this 
was in my Diversity Among Children’s class and I took an exam in my Human 
Development class last night online and scored a 98 out of 100 on that exam. 
Little Man’s last report card was all A’s and 1 or 2 B’s. In regards to the 
house hunting we have found a different lender that we are going to try and go 
with. It will be an FHA, but they offer down payment assistance. We are looking 
for a house that we can stay in for a long time so the 10 year stipulation does 
not turn us off from it. Even if we did decide to move before the 10 years is 
up all we have to pay back is the 4% down payment that they assisted with. It 
has a 4% interest rate on it, but in my opinion and in Amanda’s opinion it is 
worth it. We talked to my aunt this past weekend and she works for an attorney 
and has for many years doing closings on houses. She seems to think from what 
we have told her it all sounds legit. If anyone else has anything to say about 
it, I would love to hear before we walk into something without asking a 
question that could have been asked. It will be an FHA just because we do not 
have the 10% plus the 6% to get into a conventional loan. Amanda went to a 
party back a while back and we just really started using them these past couple 
of days, but the party was a Young Living essential oils party. The oils work 
great. Lemon cleared my heart burn up and cleared my sinuses up within a couple 
of minutes. The Peppermint seemed to clear my mind and help me have a clearer 
thought process. We defused Lemon today and it seemed to take away aching in my 
joints. We are currently defusing Lavender for relaxation and I cannot tell 
much of a difference with the Lavender. There could be some what of a placebo 
effect going on, but I believe for the most part it is doing all the work. If I 
did not believe it would work at all then it may not have as much of an affect 
like it does since I believe, but this is just my experience with the oils. 
Well, anyways it is 12:42 A.M. and I need to get back on homework. Take care 
and I will be back when I can.              


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