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At Robbie: I checked the manual before attempting it to see what I had to do. I 
made sure I got a noise profile, but even so, it still turned down both the 
noise and my voice. It's a noticeable hum that sounds just a bit like an 
amplifier that isn't plugged into anything, but not quite as grating. I do have 
a speaker system that's both not plugged into my computer and turned off at the 
switch on the device itself, but not unplugged from the power-board behind my 
computer. Could that be it?

At Cuong: I don't have an ipod, so I can't listen to that podcast. Thanks for 
taking the time to help me out, though.
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Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Noise removal difficulties


    You can listen to this podcast to know how the noise removal word.
    This isn't podcast for blind user, but I think you could understand
    by listening to the demo. This also have some tips to reduce noise
    before recording.

    On 1/7/2014 1:44 PM, Robbie wrote:

        To use Noise Removal you must first select a
            fraction of the track containing only the noise you want to
            remove. Then call Noise Removal and press g for Get Noise
            Profile. Only then should you select the whole track and
            apply the effect. The first control, Noise Reduction dB, is
            the value by which the target noise is reduced. Increasing
            that value may produce better results up to a point.
        Can you describe the noise you’re getting? Is
            it a hum or a buzz or more of a hiss? If it’s a hum, try
            shutting everything down that’s anywhere near your computer.
            A phone or an amp or a badly insulated cable may produce a
            hum. Sometimes it can also help to just use a different
        Good luck! Robbie
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          I recently went to the control panel to
              disable all enhancements for recording. Now my voice is
              sounding more normal, but I have a horrendous continuous
              background noise that I'm assuming is generated by the
              computer itself, even though I'm using a microphone on my
              headset rather than the inbuilt one. I tried the noise
              removal effect, but I was having trouble setting the
              parameters. I'm considering trying the Notch filter, but
              that also sounds rather fiddly and I don't want to muddle
              through the process and get frustrated with it. I can't
              afford to get better hardware right now, so I could use
              any tips you may have. I've tried turning off my electric
              fan (which is a constant presence in my room), shutting my
              door and everything, but the hum is still there and I
              don't know how to get rid of it without turning my voice
              right down as well. I tried and then amplified it, but
              that just made the noise loud again. *pouts*


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