[audacity4blind] New member, and some very basic starter questions.

  • From: "Christopher-Mark Gilland" <clgilland07@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 15:24:13 -0400

Hi everyone.

Coming from the standpoint that I normally use ProTools on my mac with 
Voiceover, I never ever thought I'd see the day that I'd even touch Audacity 
with a 10 foot poll, however, I'm really at this point eating crow pretty badly 
from the Windows standpoint side of Audasity.

On Windows, I have access to JAWS 15, and 16, preferably 16, NVDA 2015.1, and 
Window-Eyes 9.1.

I have downloaded the JAWS scripts for Audacity, although I really haven't had 
much chance yet to go through them.

Before I ask my questions, I would like to make it very plainly clear to say 
that yes.  I have! looked at the Audacity documentation in the keyboard 
shortcuts section.  I've also looked in general, a bit at the accessibility 
section, which is actually ironically how I found out about this list.

So here is my question.  On Windows, I would personally prefer to use Audasity 
in combination with the scripts with JAWS.  Again, I do have the other screen 
readers, but I really don't prefer them except for having them as backups.

Looking in the help manual, I really don't see how to navigate around my 

For example:  How do I move from track to track, if I have multiple tracks 
within a project?  I've not set up a scenareo yet where I have to worry about 
that, as all I've done has been one track, but eventually, I know that will 

Second of all, how do I navigate around the project.  I saw no keystrokes to do 
that.  The only ones I really saw were home to move to beginning, and end to 
move to the end of the recording.

I discovered by exploring, that left and right arrow keys seem to be moving me, 
according to what the scripts are announcing, by about half a secvond forward 
and backward in the recording.  But, here is the thing that is really odd about 
that.  I had an mp3 music track that I imported.  I hit the right arrow and got 
it to the point where I was about 2 seconds into the song.  I then hit the home 
key.  That did! return me to 0.  However, when I then hit the right arrow again 
at that point, rather than moving me a fraction of a second forward, it jumped 
me about 2 seconds inward.  So, what's up with that?

Secondly, I saw a keystroke to mute and unmute all tracks, but what if I only 
want to mute one particular track?  I saw no way in the keyboard shortcuts to 
do this.  did I overlook it?

What if I want to go the other way, and solo! a particular track?

I also didn't see a way to select multiple tracks contigulously nor 
noncontiguously to apply certain things on globally across the session.

Getting back to navigating, I saw no way to drop a mark in, and mark out marker 
for editting a selection of audio, and believe me, I looked everywhere in the 
shortcuts reference.  Also, if the markers are a little bit off, how do I then 
move each of them to the left or right just a tad bit in the project to fine 
tune my selection?

Finally, when using left and right arrows, and I haven't tried, but I assume! 
page up and down to move in bigger chunks, how do I increase or decrease the 
nudge value to move forward or back?  Again, I saw no way under the keyboard 
reference that stated how to do this.

I'm totally confident that all of this can be done, and that you all can give 
me if not the direct answers, at least the rellavent sections of the 
documentation to look at.  I'm sorry for all these questions, especially coming 
from a total newby, but believe me when I say I'm an incredibly! fast learner, 
so don't worry about overwhelming me.  Just give me my answers, and I'll read 
all of you all's responses at my own pace.

Also, is there an audio mp3 tutorial that I can download that demonstrates the 
basic functionality of Audacity from a blind perspective?  And if so, how up to 
date is it?

If not, I'd be happy to contribute and make one  for free covered under the 
GPL, which I'll share with all Audacity users, blind or not.  I can't though 
until I get my head around the above questions.

Thank you for everyone's help!

God bless.


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