[audacity4blind] Re: Audacity options in JAWS 9?

  • From: "Sean Paul" <newsandtraffic@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 15:00:58 -0400

Heyya Garry:
The only options for audacity  listed are speak audacity messages & it is 
checked to on. As well as speak audacity tool bars which is also checked to on. 
There are other standard JAWS verbosity messages there, such as speak top & 
bottom edges, etc. It is not listed in treeview format I do not think. 
Apologies that I can't be of any more help. I've tried recompiling the scripts 
& the JAWS Key plus H still does not work to bring up the Hot keys with 
Audacity & the JAWS scripts. However, I realized that these scripts were 
written for newer versions of JAWS when I installed them so I am not at all 
complaining here. If I can help further, please feel free to let me know. 
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  Hi Sean,


  Since you are using JAWS 9, I would like to know if the Audacity options 
appear in the Adjust JAWS Verbosity list.  I tried to code to support the older 
options dialog but have not been able to test it since I don't have JAWS 9 on 
my system.  To do this:  Press JAWSKey+v.  I think a list of options will 
appear.  (In JAWS 10 and later a tree view appears.  I think that was added in 
JAWS 10, if you get a tree view, then there is no point in continuing, although 
I would like to knowif JAWS 9 has the tree view.)  In the list that appears, 
see if there are entries for "Announce Audacity messages", "Announce toolbars", 
and "ENTER pauses during play/record".  Do you find them?  Do they work?






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