[audacity4blind] Re: Key commands for JAWS Scripts with Audacity

  • From: "Sean Paul" <newsandtraffic@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 06:27:32 -0400

Thanks again for the information & I forgot to answer the other part of your 
question here. I'm using JAWS 9, yes, a very old version of JAWS I know, but, 
all I can afford of it at this point. I'll give your suggestions a try & see if 
that works for me. Yes, I'm also aware that the scripts were built for newer 
versions of JAWS. So, if they don't work for mine, not a big deal at all. I've 
used it for ever now without them anyway so can do again. Thanks for creating & 
posting the information for & on them.
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  Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Key commands for JAWS Scripts with Audacity 

  Hi Sean
  Do you use desktop or laptop? and what Jaws version are you using
  If you use laptop, try using the original insert key instead of capslock. I 
don't know the reason, but in Jaws 13.0 and my last version of jaws 14, this 
key not work in audacity.
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    From: Sean Paul 
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    Subject: [audacity4blind] Key commands for JAWS Scripts with Audacity 

    Heyya folks, downloaded the scripts & installed them, working with audacity 
now & can't remember the key commands. Read the txt file & meant to save it & 
didn't. Anyone have list of said commands? Or can tell me how to get the afore 
mentioned commands whilst in audacity? Thanks in advance.
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