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  • Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 19:29:05 +0100

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> I then tried a) just black/white b) JPEGs embedded in ArtWorks images
> instead And in both cases the problem was gone.


Indeed, it is better if jpegs are used in Artworks files, just so long as
the page is portrait and the jpegs are not rotated in any way. Having a
problem with a landscape file I once ended up exporting it as a sprite,
converting to portrait jpeg and printing that from AW to circumvent the
tendency for the whole page to be 'rasterised' and sent to the printer as
a long dribble.

Given the workarounds available I have always managed to get around the
PS2 limitations and thank goodness my HP color (sic) laser copes with big
files, unlike a retired Xerox model which used to give up with big PS


Tim Hill,

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