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  • From: Gary Locock <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 21:34:48 +0100

Martin announced at Wakefield that he was about to develop a PS3 driver in
collaboration with John Tytgat, to which I just want to say -excellent news!

The RISC OS PostScript situation has been moribund for some time, and this
has been a major handicap to anybody wanting to use RO professionally, which
will include many readers of this list, so I'm sure they will welcome this

I'd just like to add that this is not just of academic interest to the rest
of us.  Colour laser printers are dropping in price to the point at which
anybody who has room for one can have one; but as is fairly widely known,
only PostScript can be relied on to produce colour output with a page printer
under RISC OS.

Sadly, although the existing drivers work, they have several limitations, due
in large part to the early versions of PS they employ; an important
limitation is their inability to handle transparency above 256 colours, and
very slow performance in 256 colours.  IIUIC, PS3 should resolve these and
other issues.

So this will be a very important development, which will be of significant
interest to increasing numbers of RO users, not just ArtWorks users, and once
again we will have something to be very grateful to Martin for!

Agog with anticipation...


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