[argyllcms] Re: Spectrolino / (Spectroscan ) External power supply

  • From: Magnus Wallden <magnus.wallden@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 13:45:31 +0200

Hi !

Thanks !

The Spectroscan seems to works ok, I made earlier today a simple test whit
Chartread, a fejked target and
a print and get as result a ...ti3-file whit some (real)  values.
The connection was a "modemcable"  dsub25 to dsub9 ant this worked whitout

The Spectrolino "mode" dont work, for this it need a external power supply,
 or a 8p minidin extension for power from spectroscan.

There is an extension  Spectrolino to Mac  8p-minidin male  both end, and
cable has a connection box whit the typical ( I dont know the name) laptop
power connection,
that whit about 5-6 mm dia outline and a hole for a pin, but no polarity and
no voltage.

It is easy to fix the power, but more difficult to guess the voltage and
polarity, so this is the question.
( Perhaps I have to figure out how it is connected  and them measure it.)

Magnus W

2010/5/3 Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Magnus Wallden wrote:
>> Can someone tell me the Output voltage and polarity
>> from the external power supply ?
> Hmm. The spectroscan has it's own power supply, and typically
> runs from the mains (110V/240V depending where you are in world.)
>  and perhaps also the connection for a minidin8 female to D-sub9 male
>> (the adaptor )   ?
> The spectroscan also has a standard 25 pin RS232 serial D type connector,
> so you don't need to connect to the minidin8 if you don't have a suitable
> cable. The DIP switch controls baud rate etc.
> From the left:
>        S1    S2
>        OFF   OFF       No handshaking
>        OFF   ON        Xon/Xoff
>        ON    OFF       Hardware
>        S3    S4    S5
>        OFF   ON    OFF 1200
>        OFF   ON     ON 2400
>         ON  OFF    OFF 9600
>         ON  OFF     ON 19200
>         ON   ON    OFF 28880
> If you do want to connect the 8 pin then this is the wiring to a standard
> 25 pin D type
> on the computer:
> 25pin   Name    8pin    name    function
> 20      DTS     2       HS_OUT  Spectrolino is ready to receive data on
> positive
> 5       CTS                     voltage level
> 4       RTS     3       DATA_IN Data input of the Spectrolino
> 3       RD      4       GND
> 2       TD      5       DATA_OUT Data output of the Spectrolino
> 7       GND     6       HS_IN   Input interrupts the data transmission
> between
> (I'm sure the 9 pin D type to 25 pin D type is on the Internet
> somewhere...)
> Graeme Gill.

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