[argyllcms] Re: Settings to optimize sRGB monitor calibration for neutral greys?

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 20:04:19 -0400

Dear János,


Thank you very much for your help and for the pointer to that excellent test


Now I think I understand the problem.  My backlight has grown dim and I was
trying to calibrate at the maximum brightness.  I had brightness at 100/100,
and B at 255/255.  That did not leave any margin for the software to work
when it needed to increase the blue.


I reduced the contrast from 51.5/100 to 49.5/100  and also reduced R, G, and
B by about 4/255ths. 


When I recalibrated, I got results that compared very favorably with i1Match
and are much more pleasing to the eye.


Best regards,



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Did you check if your Contrast setting (in the OSD) is right?

My experience is that it's often required to tune it down by the smallest
possible amount (for example, reduce it from 75/100 to 74/100 or so, may be
more) for many displays before you start to tune you white point in the OSD.

I usually use the "EIZO monitor test" to check if a 254-254-254 colored
rectangle is visibile and has the same white color as the 255-255-255
background and I also take a look at the gray gradient pattern with
different tone resolutions.

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