[argyllcms] Settings to optimize sRGB monitor calibration for neutral greys?

  • From: "Al Robertson" <akr0912@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 15:14:51 -0400

Hi all,


I'm new to argyllCMS/dispcalGUI so I calibrated with both i1Match and
dispcalGUI and compared the results.  I found the argyllCMS calibration had
a bit of a greenish cast, and the i1Match calibration was more visually
appealing because greys were more neutral. I ran profile verification
reports and everything in the results column was "OK" for both. Average
delta E values were < 1.5 and max <2.5 for both. So both calibrations seem
to have been successful.


I've read and experimented quite a bit, and what seems to work best so far
is to use the monitor's OSD controls to precisely set R=G=B in the
pre-calibration phase, and then set the Whitepoint to "As Measured,
daylight" instead of "6500K, daylight"  in dispcalGUI.


QUESTION: Can anyone recommend other or better ways to optimize the
calibration for neutral greys and white?


Thanks in advance!






Usage: Photo retouching (enthusiast, not pro), office work, programing

Device: X-Rite i1Pro spectrometer

Software: argyllCMS/dispcalGUI latest versions, and i1Match 3.6.2 on Win 8

Monitor: NEC LCD1990SXi (CCFL)

Calibrate for: sRGB

Whitepoint: 6500 K daylight

White Level: 120 cd/m^2 (but monitor can only actually achieve ~100 now due
to age)

Tone Curve: Gamma 2.2

Calibration Quality: Medium

Profile Quality: High

Black Point Compensation: Yes                  


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