[argyllcms] Re: Awful result with Argyll 1.3.5 + dispcalGUI 0.8 + i1Display Pro & Dell U2711 :-(((

  • From: Paolo Avezzano <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 06:57:52 +0100

I turned out the display, waiting for it to heat up.
I'll be using these settings.

I really didn't know what to put under "Black point correction", where 0% is for LCDs and 100% for CRTs.
For what I understood, however, I may have to rise the bpc rate above 8%, until I see more homogeneous/neutral dark greys. They may not be so neutral but at least with similar hue (the native one). 
Is it right?


On 13/gen/2012, at 01:53, Philip Reed wrote:

Hi Paolo,

I've been using Argyll +dispcalGUI and my Colormunki Photo on my U2711 for
over a year now with excellent results.  János mentioned that the Custom
mode is broken, but I still get excellent results with a XYZLUT+MTX profile.

I have found that best results are obtained by using the spectro in adaptive
measurement mode and high resolution spectral mode.  Another necessity is
turning on drift compensation for white and black levels.

With my brightness at 24 and custom RGB at 100, 97, 100 respectfully I'm
getting excellent results without color casts and neutral dark tones.

I make sure the display is on for at least an hour and that the instrument
is resting against the display to help stabilize its temperature.  The
Colormunki's temperature can rise noticeable from the start of the run to
the end if it isn't acclimatized first.  I've had the process fail without
this step.

It seems to me that using the Custom Mode still allows you the get very
close to neutral before having to profile.  With Standard Mode, you are not
able to run a proper characterization other than adjusting brightness and
then rely much more heavily on the profile.

I've managed to get very similar results with both Modes and the differences
have been very minor.

Anyones input on this would be most welcome.

Regards - Phil

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  do you have any link with a test on this?
I almost read every to set del U2711 on custom mode to have full gamut and
to calibrate white point for the initial step.

I just made a XYZLUT+MTX profile and everything is quite good, except for:
- global greenish hue
- far from neutral darkest grey patches


On 09/gen/2012, at 23:40, János, Tóth F. wrote:

2012/1/9, Knut Inge <knutinh@xxxxxxxxx>:
In what way is it broken? I was under the impression that "custom" was
only way to get the full panel gamut?

Only sRGB, AdobeRGB and Custom (depending on it's settings) clips the

Custom uses real-time 3D color corrections which cause bad precision
and the color mixture is far from additive.

Standard mode works with a factory calibtated LUT and should work fine
if calibrated (with the VGA LUT) and profiled (even with a matrix +
gamma profile).

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