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  • From: "ziad" <sh52na@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 02:52:12 +0100

hi sheikh, what is their email address please? for those who want to know, i am 
using sonar and a midi keyboard controler.
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  hi sheikh
  make sure that you give midi channel to each track individually and 
  that has to be one of the most important reason
  if not solved, then it means that there have to be some midi information in 
event view which cause this changing.
  select all of tracks

  open the event view
  go to edit menu
  and choose select by filters from the select menu
  in the open click on all and then remove the tick from note.
  go to edit menu and choose delete
  I also advise you to subscribe in j sonar forum which there are much more 
handy people around.

  good luck
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    From: ziad 
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    Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 12:39 AM
    Subject: [amt] please help

    hi guies, i am new to the computer music business and i hope someone could 
help me with my problem.  i am using sonar 6 and i am working on a project.  i 
have recorded the guitar, base, accordion and trumpet.  during recording, i can 
hear the accordion and the trumpet but in playback, i hear a piano sound on 
both tracks but the base and guitar are heard ok.  can anyone help solve this 
problem with many thanks in advance.

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