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There was a transition from the "Heli-coil" to a steel insert in the X 
carriage. I cannot remember exactly when this transition took place.

The heli-coil become damaged from over-tightening of the thumb screws. Tighten 
them too tight and the heli-coil compresses, kind of like a Chinese finger trap 
and then when trying to unscrew the thumb screw it just gets tighter and 
usually results in stripped threads and damaged heli-coils.

The Heli-coil takes a special tool that is included in the price of the kit so 
the tool and several heli-coils goes for $110.00. It would be nye impossible to 
replace a heli-coil without the aid of this little tool. When techs take their 
training and we are required to buy all of our little gadjets to work on the 
machines, we get a sizeable sum wrapped up in tools....just another reason why 
it seems a tech call can be expensive. You just got a small taste of it with 
this little gadjet.

 A person could replace the X-carriage with the new improved steel insert one 
for not a great deal more, altho you need to be mechanically inclined to do 
this as there are important adjustments to get the roller guides set right.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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