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Thanks to everyone that helped me out with my problem.  Just an update on my 
heli-coil problem.  After reading the tech bulletin stating that there should 
be a free replacement of the helicoil and kit, I emailed and then called melco. 
 They still insisted that it was a consumable part.  I asked why I did not 
receive the tool to replace it when I purchased the machine like I received all 
the other tools if it was a consumable part.  No reason was given except that 
we did not receive ALL the tools.  I was told that purchasing a refurbished 
machine is like buying a used car.  But a refurbished machine is supposed to be 
"refurbished" unlike buying a car that is "as is".  I also mentioned to them 
that obviously they had problems with the helicoil and x-carriage since they 
developed the kit and also since they changed the design of the x-carriage to 
prevent this problem.  They said this had nothing to do with my problem - that 
they did not need to fix this problem when they refurbi
 shed the machine.  I asked why they replaced the thread sensor and one other 
thing when they refurbished it but did not replace the x-carriage.  He told me 
that I would not know if the thread sensor was replaced, but I do know just by 
looking at it that it was the new sensor.  The end result was that I agreed 
with myself and he agreed with himself and Melco.  Of course no reason was 
given as to why there was a Melco bulletin telling tech support to send a free 
heli-coil kit to anyone with this problem but I was told I needed to pay $110.  
But they did end up sending me one at no cost.  Whew! I am happy this is over.  
One suggestion to everyone with an older Big Red ....make sure that the thumbs 
screw is going into the x-carriage perfectly straight when you put your WACF 
driver on and that you do not tighten the thumb screws too tight into the 
x-carriage.- mary


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