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Hi Rod

I guess I am old school when it comes to embroidery ... but yes I do see
embroidery machines stitching hundreds of thousands of stitches without a
thread break. We do it ourselves consistently.

Heck, a simple 7000 stitch design on 50 items is 350000 stitches .... and I
expect to stitch those 50 items without any thread breaks.

I have seen this 116,000 stitch design at
http://www.westway.citymax.com/catalog/item/2870780/2366342.htm  stitch out
without a single thread break [and it even uses some metallic thread].

Out of curiosity, it would be interesting if other members of the group let
us know how many stitches they expect and get between thread breaks ?

Have a great evening.


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> Bob,
> I understand your point but ...the Ampass design is not suppose to run as
> contest to see if you can get one to finally sew it's 49, 000stitches w/o
> thread break. It is suppose to check all or most of the functions of the
> machine for  trimming, vertical & horizontal column width, registration,
> ability to sew small lettering and force multiple color changes, long
> stitches, short stitches,  etc, etc.
> I guess there is only one more question to ask. You said>>>>" I expect a
> machine to stitch hundreds of thousands of stitches without a thread
>  Have you actually ever seen a machine go hundreds of thousands of
> without a thread break?
> Rod Springer


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