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First, a quality embroidery design is one which will have the least amount
of stitches, as few jump stitches as possible, has a minimum number of color
changes and does not put excessive demands on the machine ..... and at the
same time, giving you the look you want plus the coverage you need for the
material being stitched.

Depending on the design and material being stitched, I usually:

- aim for a design stitch density of 4.2 - 5.0 on most designs.  Density on
small lettering or tiny details will be 5.5 - 7.0
- use just enough underlay stitching to do its job. The amount of underlay
will vary considerably depending on the material being stitched .... for
example, underlay stitching on leather will be absolute minimum or none.
Underlay stitching on something like fleece will be just heavy enough to lay
the "pile" down before top stitching is applied.
- remove stitches shorter than 1 mm. The exception here will be small
lettering, small details and of course the lock stitches
- avoid having "tie in" and "tie off" stitches close to each other.
- overlap design objects 1 mm but do increase this a bit for material like
fleece, heavy terry cloth, etc.
- try to minimize "Y" axis [up and down] stitching as much as possible.
Angled or "X" axis [left and right] makes for a happier machine, less
bouncing and flagging.

Sorry, I don't use DesignShop but I'm sure others will help you with DS


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> Bob, could you elaborate more on the process you use to analyze the
> and correct the digitizing culprits that cause threadbreaks? I'm new to
> digitizing in DS and this is one area I could use some help with and maybe
> others on the board would benefit as well. Thank you.
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