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Hummm, How did I know that someone would come up with that very question? I did 
not say that it was , as you put it, "aceptable." It  puts the machine through 
some tough tasks.

Well, lets put it this way. That is a test design but it is groomed to run well 
also. It, as I mentioned in my post, "assumes" that the operator has taken care 
of "all" of the other "varibles".
Can you think of what some of these varibles might be? Thread type and brand 
and condition, needles, needle orientaion, needle depth, hook timing, presser 
foot height, lubrication, roller condititon, type of material, static buildup, 
loose hooping, humidity, machine speed, design digitizing, should I go on?

For me to post that one would not see "any" thread breaks on this design, or 
any design for that matter, without being right there in front of the machine 
and "knowing all of the "varibles" have been taken care of would be foolish. 
Thread breaks, unfortunately, are a part of the "real" world of embroidery, 
aceptable or not.

I agree with you, even one thread break is too many, but that just is not 
living in the "real" world of embroidery. There are just too many varibles.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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