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I would also like to arm wrestle Arnould Swartzenagger.
Have you done that yet?
Dear Mr. Ed:
It's really just a matter of what you're willing to put up with from Mother Nature.
I'm in the earthquake part of California right on the coast.  There was a great ad campaign out here a few years ago for real California cheese, where the cows were standing in the field, and an earthquake hit.  They were oooing and awwwing about how good the foot massage felt...and then said that they never lasted long enough!
I don't shovel snow, I don't bake or boil in the summer, I don't rake leaves, I don't get my yard power scrubbed by high winds, there is no genuine lava lamp flowing through my living room floor, my house never gets a mudpack, there's rain in the winter so I can take my annual shower in the summer, and it's only one wardrobe all year around (jeans all year, add sweatshirts in the winter).  My trade off is foot massages. 
The biggest drawback to them (foot massages) is not the broken dishes, or the stuffed knocked off of shelves.  It is the deep gouges left in your legs by the sleeping cat who woke up during one because the Jack Russell jumped in your lap so it would have a safe place to bark at the earthquake and make it go away.  (Of course,  this presupposes that there won't be a large enough one to have my entire block power washed by a rogue wave....)
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Excuse me.... but.....
I don't speak "Jive".
Dear Herb (& Peaches),
and the Amaya User's Group,
This was definitely like reliving a bad dream.  Although, since we decided to leave the bowl of New Orleans 2.5 years ago, this time wasn't so bad.  I only lost one tree, my fences are blown down, and my yard is a wreck with everybody elses leaves and branches (my leaves and branches were sent to somebody elses house). Oh and the kids 15' playhouse is on it's face and twisted.  I should be able to recover it with some bubble gum and rubber bands.
Our electricity is back on and fortunately what we left in the fridge is still cold.  After Katrina there was no salvaging the fridge as everything inside had died.
What's interesting here is that when you look around outside, it appears as though it's the end of the "fall season".  All of the trees have been "shaken' down" so-to-speak and are missing a great deal of their leaves.  It almost looks like it should be cool outside, but no, it's still hot.
Driving home yesterday, we saw billboards blown out, fallen electical lines, trees fallen on houses, business signs knocked down, trees snapped in half, and along the interstate we saw mobile homes rolled upsidedown.  These are only a few reasons to evacuate.
Hey guys, I sincerely appreaciate all of the concern and offers.  We got lucky on this one.  My aunt in Virginia asked, "why do you live where hurricanes are?".  Now there's one coming up the east coast close to her.  So I ask you, where could one relocate where you are not suceptable to snow storms, tornadoes, mud slides, forest fires, earthquakes, Herb, flooding, hurricanes, etc...?  We tried to answer this question after hurricane katrina.  Any thoughts?
Thanks again everybody.
Your friend,
Ed Orantes
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> Ed,
> Okay (Redneck for O.K.). You is bein safe with your peeps. Dis be a gud
> ting. Las time i go trough dis whit you was dat Katrina junk. Spent 2 dolla
> twenny fy cint to fine out u b okee dokee. Doan make me spend no mo money on
> you.!!!!!!!
> erb
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> > Hey everyone,
> > Just wanted to say my family and I are okay. All we know at this point
> > about our home is that it's without electricity. We expect to return home
> > day after tomorrow. Hopefully it will be on by then.
> > I guess you could say we got lucky on this one.
> > I hope that everyone who evacuated returns home without harm.
> > Thanks for all your concern.
> > Take care,
> > Ed
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