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The "applique" tool is kind of a strange duck. If you select the applique tool 
and then create a border, there are accually 3 elements created. First the is a 
walk stitch registration line, then a satin border and the a second satin 
stitch border, for a total of three different elements. 

To see these individual elements you must "Convert" the applique border to 
"Wireframe". Then on the "FIRST SATIN STITCH BORDER" go into the Properties 
page and under the Column tab, change the stitch type to either a Zig Zag, 
Tackle, E-stitch or whatever you want from the list provided.

Now, on the "Second" Satin Stitch border, which will be the third element in 
the project tree list for the applique border created, you will be able to use 
the cornering tools to miter or cap the angles, change the density, etc........

Make any sense?

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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