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Hi everyone.  I did a search but I might not have done the right words. So I 
apoligize in advance.  

I have made an applique of a witch's hat.  At the very top of the deisgn where 
it is pointed there are some really long stitches and it is very dense.  When I 
stitched it out onto the t-shirt it pulled it all together.  I had it hooped 
fine.  I have short stitches turned off.  Would turning it on solve this 
problem?  I am still kinda unclear on what short stitches can do for me. Anyway 
any help on this would be great.  Also I can email the design if this would be 
more helpful.  

I am interested in doing a lot of applique for cute little t-shirts that I sell 
in my shop.  So this would be very helpful for the future of my designs.  
Thanks again in advance!


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