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I believe what your problem is, is that the satin column is sewing around a 
sharp corner. This type of a corner should be either capped or mitered.

Right click on the satin stitch border in the project tree you are needing to 
work on. Then select Properties and then select the Corners tab. This will 
allow you to select whichever type of corner you want, Capped or mitered. Play 
with this tool and you will quickly see what the benifit is and what it can do 
for you. Your issue with the long stitches in the sharp points of  the satin 
stitch columns will be gone.....

The short stitch tool primarily sorks in the "inside" of the corners, the 
"corners" tool primarily works on the "outside" of the corner and either caps 
or miters it.....neat tool!!!

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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