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Hi Mary,
Please remove my email from ACET list:


Mehdi Balouchestani
Associate Dean,
College of Engineering & Information Sciences
DeVry University, Houston
11125 Equity Dr. Houston, TX 77041

p: 713.973.3162
f: 713.896.6337

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In the past, you have presented at our annual conference. We are writing this 
in hopes that you might be able to present again. We have a few sessions 
available and would love to be able to see you again. If you have a topic you 
might want to present, please forward your information per the instructions at 
http://www.acetweb.org/2012Conference/proposal.php We are extending the due 
date for previous presenters. We would love to see you there.

If you have not registered for the Houston-area conference yet, please do so as 
we anticipate another great conference.

See you in SugarLand in November!

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                             48th Annual Conference

Call for Participation
November 2, 2012
>  Please join the Association for Computer Educators in Texas in celebrating 
> its 48th annual conference in Sugar Land on November 2nd
>  Registration is now open at www.acetweb.org<http://www.acetweb.org>.
>  The conference site is the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square 
> http://www.slmarriott.com

>  This Year's Topics:
General Session: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Strategic: Post-secondary 
Partnerships in the New Millennium
Keynote Speaker: Pearson
Current and/or Future Technology Development: Role of Social Network in the 
Classroom for Collaborative Learning
Web Development: Using Ajax in Web Programming; Mobile Application Development
IT Pedagogy: Positive and Negative Impacts of Virtual Communities; 
Computational Thinking: Building a Model Curriculum; Enhanced Student Learning 
with Online Course Materials; Service Learning in Online Education; Hit! You 
Sunk My Submarine Aircraft Carrier (An Object-Oriented Case Study)
And others:  A Study to Identify Influences of Financial Aid on Enrollment and 
retention of Hispanic Students in Higher Education; R and the Message passing 
Interface on the Little Fe Cluster

*  Check out the schedule of presentations at the ACET website.
*  The conference hotel is the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square, 16090 City 
Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479.
*  If you make reservations by October 17th, you can enjoy the State Rate!

For undergraduate student submissions regarding research or projects refer to 
the "Student Contests" link on the ACET website 
www.acetweb.org<http://www.acetweb.org> and complete the appropriate forms.

<http://acetweb.org/>[Important Dates:   Conference: November 2, 2012  ACET 
Registration is ongoing at http://acetweb.org .  Hotel Registration at STATE 
RATE by: October 17, 2012]<http://acetweb.org/><http://acetweb.org/>We look 
forward to seeing you at the 48th ACET annual conference.
[CORPUS CHRISTI]Best wishes,
ACET 2012 Program Committee
http://www.acetweb.org/ <http://www.acetweb.org/%20>

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