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    Web Sites  For Friday January 4 2013

1.  Print What You Like:
Submitted by rhiannon <http://www.techsupportalert.com/users/rhiannon>
December 24 2012

Print What You like is a website that lets you choose what parts of a web
page you'd like to print. You can save quite a bit of ink and paper with
this site, but being able to print a website without the clutter is awesome.

There are several ways to use the site; you can enter the URL of the page
you want to print at the website, there's a bookmarklet you can use with
most browsers, and Print What You Like.

This site supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7
and up.
Print What You Like <http://www.printwhatyoulike.com/>  

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2.  The people behind RS Games, the free cross-platform client for audio
games that work on PC, Mac 
and Linux, have released two new games, Farkle and Rummy. 

3. This Apple Accessibility page is said to be new, and provides a thorough
collection of resources. 

In podcasts: 
Episode 13 of That Android Show is a comprehensive look at the Nexus 7, and
includes a mini-tutorial 
on android navigation among other features. 
Episode 13 of Triple Click Home is ready. 
Episode 11 of @AccessTalk covers Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface, the Nexus
4, thoughts on the 
Trekker Breeze, and more: 
And from AppleVis: 
Get Hooked on Books with Nook for iOS: 
Sweeten up your virtual life with Cupcakes! 
Create and Share Tasty Virtual Popcorn Treats on Your iDevice, with More
New Podcast: AIRS-LA: A Streaming Audio Service for the Print-Impaired: 
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