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Interesting thoughts Graham.

Yes, probably Window-Eyes could do with a more solid Uk based support
service, particularly in regard to training.  It may have been you ,
or at least someone else here though, who commented that maybe it was
time the sale of access software was separated from long-term support.
I think I rather agree with that notion because at least then the
software can be sold at a more realistic price, closer to the US
dollar equivalent, rather than, to me, the rather grotesque pricing
policies we have now, dictated in large measure by the institutional
customer base that is the lion's share of the market.

One thing to bear in mind when trying to look at the total picture is
the effort GW Micro have put into making payment for Window-Eyes more
bearable via their instalment plan.  I would add too that their
support is second to none, IMHO.

I wouldn't try to argue for a moment that there's no place for
scripts, and giving Window-Eyes users a more powerful configuration
and automation facility, however that might be achieved, would
certainly give competitors a bad headache!


From Ray
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Of Graham Page

Hi Ray.

On this subject, the other thing I think GW could learn from freedom
scientific is connected to sales models.

JAWS is distributed by Sight and Sound in the UK and can be sold by
for the same price as part of a bigger system.  This is broadly my
understanding and I am of course more than happy to be corrected if
this is
not the case.

Companies like Blazie for example specialise in script writing for the

Window-eyes is sold by lots of vendors without having a main UK
This means a lot of one man bands and smallish companies sell
but I know of no one working full time as a Window-eyes technician or
support person in any company.

I'm not trying to argue that JAWS is perfect, no way, but if
wants to be a serious challenger to JAWS, and probably supernova as
well for
that matter, GW needs to change the model used to sell Window-Eyes so
that a
company can guaranttee or realistically hope to get enough sales to
make it
economically viable to employ full-time support staff.  It is not
feasible or even possible for everyone to ring the US and rely on
there for technical support, not if Window-eyes starts to get anywhere
as popular as JAWS currently is.

If scripting capability arrives in window-eyes in the near future, it
only become more popular I believe.


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