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  • From: "Graham Page" <gpage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 14:31:42 +0100

Hi Chris.

Actually, in a university environment, it is quite likely that Window-eyes 
will work fine depending on what is being studdied.  Window-eyes does now 
have pretty good support for all Microsoft Office components, Internet 
Explorer and Firefox I believe.  You are really only likely to come unstuck 
if you have to use bespoke databases with their own specially written 
Windows front end or similar bespoke applications.  Stats packages such as 
SPSS are also unlikely to work well with Window-eyes and, as you say, it is 
the flexibility of JAWS that make it the first choice in the work place for 
this very reason.

It surprises me very much that window-eyes has not been given a scripting 
language.  If it had this kind of customisation available, I think Freedom 
Scientific would have some long needed competition to deal with.


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Wow, a university using Window-Eyes! Anyway Window-Eyes includes a JAWS 
layout, so that you can familiarize yourself with Window-Eyes using JAWS 
keystrokes. Yes you will have to read the entire manual as they use very 
different concepts in terms of saving configurations and stuff. Also, 
Window-Eyes doesn't work with as many applications as JAWS does, because of 
the lack of flexibility, such as scripting, in the product. Hope that helps, 
and all the best in your studies.
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  From: Ari
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  Subject: [access-uk] Moving to Window Eyes

  Hi guys,
  I'm changing universities next year, but my problem is that the new 
university to which I'm going uses Window Eyes, while at the old uni and at 
home I've used JAWS all my life. My question is, is there some sort of guide 
for JAWS users to quickly get going with WE, or do I really have to work 
through the whole manual?

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