[access-uk] Access to Patientline facilities

  • From: "Jackie Cairns" <cairnsplace@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Access UK Mailing List" <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 09:49:52 +0100

Hi All

Browsing the website of the hospital I shall be admitted to soon, I have pasted 
below some information about Patientline facilities, and wonder if anyone has 
used them before and, if so, how accessible they are.  The last time I was in 
there they just had a pay phone that you could spend a fortune to access with a 
card you put in the slot.  But it seems to have gone a lot further than that 
now, and I wonder if anyone else has used the facilities available.



Patientline® is now available as an option to patients on some of our wards. 
This system lets you make and receive phone calls from your bedside. Family
and friends can call you directly at your bedside, using your personal 
Patientline® number. If you have to move to a different ward during your stay, 
Patientline® account moves with you.   Outgoing telephone calls are charged at 
26p per minute.  Incoming calls are charged to the caller at 39p per minute
off peak times and 49p per minute at peak times.  The answer phone and 
messaging services are free.

The Patientline® system also gives you access to 33 TV channels, 5 radio 
channels, internet and e-mail facilities and 8 games.  The radio channels are 
for free.  All the other services (excluding phone calls) cost £2.90 for 24 
hours, £7.00 for a 3 day package (saving you £1.70) or £10.00 for a five day
package (saving you £4.50).

As well as offering the radio channels for free, Patientline® offer a number of 
other free services including 1 hour of free TV each day at breakfast-time
and free TV for children up to and including 16 years of age (until 9pm).

Vending machines have been installed in public areas throughout the hospitals 
so that you or your relatives can purchase cards which will enable you to
use the services available.  Credits for using the system can also be purchased 
using your credit or debit card at your bedside unit.

You will receive information on using Patientline® when you enter hospital. 
Information leaflets are also available in public areas of the hospitals.

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