[24hoursupport] Re: pc rebooting

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 05:00:22 -0400

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Have your friend go to Control Panel and in Administrative Tools, open
up Event Viewer.  Look in the Application section and the System
section.  Anything with a red circle with an x thru it is an error.
Double click on the error and you will get some details including an
event ID and often the module or file involved will be in there.  Then
go to:




See if you can find anything.  If not, post back here and maybe someone
can help.

Largo, Florida 33771

I've been helping a friend with his problem pc. I''s 1gig hz pent.
running 256k of ram and win2k. Evwerything to be pok until he got it
home. He loaded norton AV 2002. Now it's runs for a few minutes and then
reboots. He uninstalled Norton and it is still doing the same thing. It
doesn't seem to be overheating, already checked that.

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