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  • From: "Tina" <cfunk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 10:17:20 -0600

  I found some tools that were useful when fixing my CD Drive.. I could not
get my CD drive to work for quite some time.. (I also tried downloading
Nero, and it would not work, either..) It turned out that one of my drivers
were missing..
  I had downloaded a 'checker' from the dbPowerAmp forum.. and a program to
force the aspi, and I think the link below is to the program with the
missing files for Adaptec.. I was looking to see if I had sent myself the
link to the other tools, and had not.. If anyone is interested in these
tools, I can send them to you, or.. you can do a Google Search for
Adaptec-ASPI-Version-Checker.exe, aspi.zip (below), and InstASPI.zip..  I
went into the zip files and read the instructions.. and now have all my
drivers installed..
    Hope this helps!      Tina


 ASPI Problems

See All About ASPI for more information about ASPI.

If you are having problems seeing Akai, Roland, or other proprietary drives
within Translator, you likely are having problems with the ASPI installation
in your computer. It's not necessarily your fault. Many people run ASPI
without problems.

Here's a guide on how to deal with it.

Here are a couple reasons ASPI does not work on your system:

It's not installed
If you are running Windows NT/2000/XP. it doesn't get installed with the
Operating System, you have to do it yourself. Chicken Systems has licensed
ASPI, so we can make ASPI available to you.
The ASPI files are not "matched"
There are several files that make ASPI work. They must be of the same
You can check this by running aspichk.exe in your ASPI install directory -
only pay attention to the files pertinent to your OS.
You are running ASPI 4.7, and for some reason it does not work on your
There isn't any explanation why this is so, but we've seen it happen - see
Other reasons
We don't see why Adaptec makes this so confusing for certain systems
It Doesn't Work - How to get it to work

This is what we recommend:

Windows 95/98/ME
Manually remove these files from your computer - do a Find and remove all of
winaspi.dll - wnaspi32.dll - apix.vxd - aspienum.vxd - sparrow.mpd
Download this zip file with all the ASPI stuff - click here.
Open the .zip file in WinZip or your favorite unzipping utility
Extract winaspi.dll, wnaspi32.dll, and aspienum.vxd into your system
Extract sparrow.mpd and apix.vxd into your iosubsys directory in your system
These are the original Windows95/98/ME distribution files - this is to get
you back to installed Windows status
Extract and run aspi32.exe, this will update the files to 4.06 (1021) status
Extract and run aspichk.exe, this will help you see if all the files are
matched and are the correct versions.
If it still doesn't work, extract the wnaspi32_nero.dll file into your
Translator folder, and rename it wnaspi32.dll.
Try rebooting between procedures; that might help. The ultimate test to see
if ASPI is ACTUALLY working is to stick an Akai CD in your CD-ROM Drive,
start Translator, and see if it show up. If it doesn't, go into
Options-Drive tab to see if the drive is listed. If it's not - ASPI isn't
working yet.

Windows NT/2000/XP
Get the latest updater of Translator, and check the ASPI 4.7 checkbox at the
end of the install.
Run aspichk.exe (in your Translator directory), this will help you see if
all the files are matched and are the correct versions. Only pay attention
to wnaspi32.dll and aspi32.sys. The other files are 16-bit oriented (they
are called "thunkers") and are not necessary or needed.
Try Translator again. If it still doesn't work, download this file -
http://www.chickensys.com/bin/aspi.zip - and extract the wnaspi32_nero.dll
file into your Translator folder, and rename it "wnaspi32.dll" (without the
quotes, of course). What this does is to make Translator use that file, and
not the wnaspi32.dll that is in the System directory.
Try Translator again. If that doesn't work, follow the Window95/98/ME
Please ignore any warnings that the Windows 95/98/ME stuff does not work on
Windows NT/2000/XP - it really does.

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