[24hoursupport] Re: pc cannot see cd drives

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Yes, it says "Drive C is using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system."

BTW, the pc originally stopped seeing the CD players when I tried 
to switch from the HP cd-burning software EasyCDCreator, to Nero. 
Now, no CDs visible.

Sounds like you're onto something. Any idea what I should do next?


David Matthew Wood dmwood78-at-mindspring.com
|24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx| wrote:
> If something causes Windows to run in compatibility mode (a boot sector virus 
> for example), this can happen.  Right click "My Computer", go to Properties, 
> and then click on the Performance tab and see if it says anything about drive 
> C or anything else running in compatiblity mode.  
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> My other pc cannot see my cd drives. It is a Dell P2 233 with 
> Win98SE. Hardware installer says it has a problem with the driver, 
> but then it says it already has the right driver installed.
> Oe6

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