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  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 19:33:49 -0700

Hi Ron,
I see Langa list is talking about the latest ZA update;
2) New ZoneAlarm Version Disappoints
ZoneAlarm is beginning to suffer from "kitchen sink" syndrome: Each version
has added more and more features until what once was a simple, elegant
firewall is now a complex security suite. 

The newest version of ZA Pro is supposed to add active antivirus protection
to your mail stream. I really didn't need this function--- I already have an
AV tool guarding the mail--- but didn't see a way to tell ZAP to disable its
separate AV protection. Maybe the setting was there, but I never got that

As soon as I tried gathering mail, my resident AV tool (Norton) went nuts,
popping up an unending stream of "virus found and removed..." messages. My
guess is that ZA changed the way it processes and stores mail files, so that
my AV tool no longer recognized the already-processed files as safe. I
wasted an hour or so trying to get the two tools to play nice, but
eventually gave up in disgust: Who has time for this? I tried uninstalling
the new ZAP and reinstalling the previous version, but Norton remained badly
hosed by all the diddling I'd done to it. In the end, it was faster and
simpler for me to roll my system back to the pre-change state, using ZAP 4x
as a firewall, and Norton for AV protection. Now everything works fine

I'm not the only one having trouble:

Hi Fred: I've used Zone Alarm for a couple of years now and really like it.
However the latest version (zap_50_590_015) has slowed my XP system to a
crawl - especially MailWasher and Outlook Express. ---Ian Patton

Dear Fred, I will probably just be adding my note to many others in this
regard. The newest Zone Alarm Pro, 5.0 update blew away my cable internet
connection and caused my machine to reset every time I attempted to get mail
or browse the web. I was forced to remove it and reinstall a prior version,
and it wasn't just easy. If your other readers have a similar problem, they
should know to call customer service, not tech support, and report a "no
access issue." This will be handled for free but the TS guys are $3 a
minute, even if the problem is caused by their software. It was suggested
that my Process Guard caused the problem. But I removed that and upgraded
again with the same result. The techs told me this update was a week or two
old and had been removed from the site once already for a similar bug. I
have auto update notices on this software. Maybe I shouldn't allow updates
until they are a month or two old. ---Pat Murphy

.... and there are other letters too. In short, if you have a copy of ZA
4x, hang on to it. At the very least, the 5x version seems not ready for
prime time; and it may simply have become too big, too complex, and too
unwieldy for its own--- or our--- good.

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On 30/05/2004 at 8:55 PM Ron Allen wrote:

To my great dismay and displeasure, I must report that the latest
upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro _requires_ that Trend Micro Anti-Virus be

I am now in the position of having to choose between whether I want
the best-rated firewall or the best-rated anti-virus software. Either
way, I will have to eat the cost of the package I do not choose and
also have to accept an inferior and/or unproven product.

Am I the only one who finds this situation to be totally unacceptable?

Microsoft tried to force their customers into accepting their web
browser, which they were including with Windows at no additional
charge, instead of Netscape, which at the time was a free download.
They were sued under the anti-trust laws and found to have broken
those laws.

In my opinion, this situation is even worse. At least Microsoft didn't
intentionally disable Netscape or tell their users they had to
uninstall it before they could install Windows. I know for a fact that
Internet Explorer and Netscape co-existed peacefully on Windows
systems because I myself ran Netscape for years and never had problems
(until Netscape was bought by AOL and totally trashed, the way that
AOL screws everything they touch up).

Either way, the end users who have chosen -- chosen, mind you, and
paid for the privilege as well -- both Zone Alarm Pro as the best
available firewall product and Trend Micro as the best available
anti-virus product are caught in the middle and end up the losers.

I am writing to the FTC tonight. Does anyone know how to go about starting
up a
class-action lawsuit? I'm going to take a financial loss here, no
matter which way I go and I don't think I should have to foot the bill
for these companies deciding that they don't want to play nice with
each other. I wonder how many other people are in the same boat I
am... maybe enough to make these arrogant software companies sit up
and take notice? Maybe...


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