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Thanks to you I tried the update link again. This time it told me I had to
download a critical component---which I did. It was advpack.exe. I installed
that, and have spent the last hour ,or so, installing security updates
successfully.  Thanks again.


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I had a problem like this a couple of months ago.  I followed every
troubleshooting link at MS site I could find to follow, did everything they
suggested to do and nothing fixed the problem.  After almost a whole day was
shot I finally gave up.  Then one day last week I decided to try battling it
again but this time everything went without a hitch, no errors, no problems.
I firmly believe now that it was a problem on MS's end all along.  If you
don't get a better answer then I would suggest simply trying back later to
see if it works.


> I have tried a number of times to use Windows Update with no success. I t
> appears to be downloading, but ends up with the message:
> J. Orndorff

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