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A while back the general opinion seemed to be that, since Ad-Aware was not
being updated,  Spybot was better. I removed Ad-Aware and am using Spybot.
Now I see that AdAware 6 is available. Is the consensus now that it would be
better to go back to Ad-Aware?



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While the information posted in this thread is good and very through, I
feel compelled to post a warning that some of the fixes in the registry
should be approached with caution and I would not recommend a lot of the
steps to novice or average computer users.  I am of the opinion that a
good spyware program like Ad-Aware 6 will resolve 99 percent of the
hijacking problems like the original poster asked about.  I would
contend that this is probably the only step that will be needed in
Majzan's case and in most other spyware cases.  Probably the most
important thing to remember when removing spyware (and I have not seen
this step mentioned very often) is to UNINSTALL the offending software
FIRST.  Then run Ad-Aware or whatever to remove the spyware components.
Failure to do so will leave a "broken" program on your system that will
not cleanly uninstall.



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