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Thanks for the info. I'm computer stupid. What is "IMHO"?



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Well, opinions are just that...
Mine is that Ad-Aware is a top notch product.  It is one of the
originals that cared enough about the problem to continue to develop a
solution.  Steve (the guy that developed Zone Alarm) threw his support
behind ad-aware long ago and quit developing his "opt-out" because
ad-aware was doing such a good job.  Version 6 is no disappointment
IMHO.  It will need a few months to get the ref file in top notch shape
but from a feature standpoint and ease of use, it's right there.  

I don't want to knock Spy-bot that much but it doesn't impress me.  I
think it is a little to aggressive and can be more dangerous to use for
the average user.  I personally found it a challenge to get it
configured the way I wanted it.  There is another one out there that I
want to test a little more but their shareware version doesn't clean
what it finds so it is hard to test it.  That one is Pest Patrol.  It
also looks good and seems to be the one that I see that might compete
with ad-aware.


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