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Thanks for the great advice.
After trying a process of elimination, I traced it to a Panicware program
called popup stopper.
Once I disabled that, the runtime errors stopped.

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> Before you get into trying to fix Internet Explorer, you should
> eliminate a connection problem.  Are you running any kind of a firewall
> or going through a proxy server?  If you take that error message
> literally, you are losing connection to the server on the other end.
> Sometimes that can be caused by a response the server is expecting from
> your end and it is not getting it.  There can be many reasons for that.
> If the application on the server is trying to switch to a non standard
> port and you are running a firewall that could cause a problem.  If you
> are behind a proxy, you could be sending the response to the proxy
> server but it is not getting out to the website.  There could be other
> reasons for this but these two come to mind.  If it is neither of these,
> then I would try updating the java virtual machine.  This is done by
> going to the Microsoft site to the download area and downloading the
> Microsoft VM.  You can get this at:
> http://www.microsoft.com/java/vm/dl_vm40.htm?FinishURL=%2Fdownloads%2Fre
> lease%2Easp%3FReleaseID%3D36820%26area%3Dsearch%26ordinal%3D8%26redirect
> %3Dno
> Do not use this if you are running Windows 2000.  Instead go to Windows
> Update and re-apply service pack 2.
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