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I know AVG is free, so is this one I posted about.  I apparently wasn't
clear on why I posted.  I'm simply trying to find out if anyone knows
anything about this particular one.  Is it any good?  Does it auto update?
Etc. etc.  When I recommend something to someone I like to provide a choice
when ever possible and I wouldn't want to recommend a bad product.  I have
used AVG and I know it is pretty good.  I'm just curious if anyone knows
anything about this (new to me) product.  I did forget about Mike not being
around for awhile.  Thanks for replying though.


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Personally I recommend AVG which is free.


"Spider spider1-at-tampabay.rr.com |24hoursupport/1.0-Allow|" wrote:
> This is kind of directed at Mike, but anyone else who wants to comment
> on this feel free to jump in.  Does anyone know if this software is any
> How long has it been around?  I just came across it browsing my RSS
> feed for software information.  If you are familiar with this how
> about an evaluation.  Is it worth recommending to folks that need free
> software, or should we stay with recommending AVG?
> http://www.free-av.com/

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