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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:33:21 +0530

No you had posted about Antivir. AntiVir is a good product.IMHO can be
recommended but not as the first choice. It can used to supplement other
better ones since it is free and be loaded on demand and not on startup. It
does however catch some viruses that are missed by other products in
heuristic scanning.  The parameter of virus safety  and detection left a lot
to be desired since its updates are slow to come by as compared to the first
two that I had mentioned in my post. It does tend to freeze PC  which is a
nasty habit.

AVG does autoupdate. SO does Antivir.

M. Thakur

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From: "Spider" <spider1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [24hoursupport] Re: Free Anti-Virus

> I know AVG is free, so is this one I posted about.  I apparently wasn't
> clear on why I posted.  I'm simply trying to find out if anyone knows
> anything about this particular one.  Is it any good?  Does it auto update?
> Etc. etc.  When I recommend something to someone I like to provide a
> when ever possible and I wouldn't want to recommend a bad product.  I have
> used AVG and I know it is pretty good.  I'm just curious if anyone knows
> anything about this (new to me) product.  I did forget about Mike not
> around for awhile.  Thanks for replying though.
> Spider
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