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I don't have all the answers for you, but the following page helped me some
time ago. It's for Outlook Express specifically (6 as well as 5, despite
what the address might imply), but might still guide you in the right


Also, I seem to remember somebody saying that the 'Application Data' folder
on XP is in more or less the same place as on previous Windows releases
(C:\Windows\Application Data on my w98se), but is just a 'Hidden' folder. If
it's like w98, you can change the setting in any Folder Window on the 'View'
drop-down - select 'Folder Options' - 'View' tab - Select 'Show all files'
in the 'Hidden Files' section so as 'Hidden files' are shown as standard.

Hope this helps a little

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> I have a new lap top (note book).  I am trying to transfer my mail files
and my address book to the lap top.  I have the following files on  a CD:
> Outlook
> Address Book
> Application Data
> I can't seem to transfer the address book and my mail files to the lap
> I also have a file with my jpgs on the cd and had no problem copying that
file over to the lap top.
> thanks in adanvce for any help
> Jerry A
> I am using OUtlook 6  my desk top is ME  and my lap top is XP.  I don't
see a file named "Application Data" on the lap top.

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