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Malmin lentoaseman ystavat 2014

Friends of Malmi airport (www.pelastamalmi.org) board mailing list for discussions of daily findings and preparation of board meetings.

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Left Unity Glasgow

Email discussion group for members of Left Unity Glasgow.

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Dog Guide Handlers Australia Committee

Email list for the Committee of Dog Guide Handlers Australia.

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VK5 WIA Repeater Group

The email list is for owners / operators of Amateur Radio Voice & data repeater in VK5 South Australia. To discuss and share information about the construction and maintenance of repeaters in South Australia

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The C'monback Group

This group uses modern technology as a form of support and communication for those who strive to live without alcohol. The use of this technology is invaluable in many ways. For some members it is impossible or impractical to gather with others. This medium provides a practical and innovative way to use cutting edge technology to effect a real change in lifestyle for those who are members. The General Service Office in New York is coming closer to accepting technology as a valid means of communication. We are on the cutting edge and serve as a model for many to use technology in new and innovative ways ... to lessen the distance between our many members who reside in the United States and many foreign countries as well. We advocate the use of computer technology, computerized literature and Programs as well, to creatively respond to the needs of everybody. This list will provide a forum for members developing software in this specialized area, and a cutting edge area for the creative use and application of technology to this area as well.

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Unihockey Jena

Discussion group for advanced training using state of the art methods. topics: *computer vision -marker free observation -activity recognition -motion tracking -automatic error analysis of movements and batting *medicine -automatic health observation -critical (non optimal) state warning *discussions about new training methods

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Green Technology Discussion Forum

Discussion mailing list for the interested people in Seevetal (Germany) which want to share their primary interest in green technology. Namely wind and solar enegy on everybody's houses.

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NCDA Region 1

The National Community Development Association (NCDA) Region I "universal" listserv provides an outlet for HUD program practitioners to learn about and explore technological resources in the areas of CDBG; HOME; HEARTH; and other HUD programs. Discussions will include topics on HUD systems including IDIS project/activity setup, drawdowns, and reporting; Consolidated Planning; CAPER; e-SNAPS; LOCCS; CPD Maps; etc. Subscribers of this list will include NCDA Region 1 members in addition to state and federal partners.

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Carrot Mob Köln Projektkoordination

Welcome to the mailing list of the Carrot Mob Event in Cologne, Germany. It will happen at least twice a year, so we need your help. More info here: http://carrotmobkoeln.org/ http://carrotmob.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_mob Sign up to take part in the project coordination. Your application will be confirmed as soon as possible.

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PCC Internationalist Clubs

Announcements and discussion relating to the Internationalist Clubs at Portland (Oregon, USA) Community College.

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Vision Impaired People's List

VIP-L stands for Vision Impaired People's List and is a community service to the blind and vision impaired community in Australia and abroad. Please note that, despite the list name, vip-l is open to anyone with an interest in blindness, vision impairment, disability or accessibility! The focus of VIP-L is predominantly information sharing , as well as being a forum where list members can ask technical and other questions relating to blindness or vision impairment. While members will sometimes provide commentary on posts, the purpose of the list is not primarily for discussion and debate of topics.

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The Impulse is an Australian Sailing boat. The list will be used to discuss up coming Impulse events. It will also be used to discuss ideas for the boat. This list will provide an good way of discussing this as everyone is from all different places in Australia.

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K-Kerho Eurobot Team Mailing List

The mailing list is for people involved in building a robot for the Eurobot competition. General robotics and upcoming events can be discussed in this mailing list.

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