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Techology-related hobbies and groups

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ARDXC Magazine

List to distribute radio club magazine. The club has been going since the 60's and covers shortwave, AM, FM, amateur and utility listening.

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Grande Organics Buying Club

Email list for members of GOBC

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Three Rivers Beekeepers Association TN

Mailing list for the Three Rivers Beekeepers Association beekeeping club in middle Tennessee

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CALIBREBooks Calibre Audio Library

Guidelines for members. This list is to discuss everything to do with calibre audio library, and electronic books done on CD and USB sticks they offer and there services. No advertising, unless you ask the owner of the group first. Keep on topic. Test messages can be sent, if you think that E-mails are not coming through No swearing, or bad language. respect others. Don't be rude on list. Thank you.

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Perth Dead Persons Society

Family history discussion primarily focused on Western Australia * Help with research methods * Help with computer based methods of research

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DC DFS Alumni Mailing List

A mailing list for alumni of the Defiance College Digital Forensic Science program to discuss topics related to computer forensics and cybersecurity.

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Apple Access SA

A mailing list for all disabled South African users of Apple products.

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Montclair RAGNAR Team Members

For team members of the Montclair RAGNAR only! We'll use this in addition to FB communicate, e.g., schedule training runs, meetings, etc.

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Termine der Piraten Fraktion in Berlin Reinickendorf

This List is a event remider of the google calender of the pirateparty in Berlin Reinickendorf.

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Students Association of Information Technology,USIT, GGSIPU

The Student's Association of Information Technology(SAiNT) was set up with a view to promote various activities amongst its members, including the students of School of Information Technology. It also organises seminars, conferences, workshops, industry meets, Guest Lectures, etc. for the benefits of the students of the society and also organizes quizzes, debates, programming contests etc. on an intra university as well as inter university level. SAiNT, untill recently was responsible for taking care of the yearly annual technical fest of our college 'INFOEXPRESSION'. It was later decided that we also need to work on active technology, so that the SAiNT lives past its 'infox' only image. For this purpose, we have recently setup a set of four clubs that will be under SAiNT. These clubs are 1)Compter Security: Here issues of cryptography,making websites secure from attacks, encryption etc will be dealt with. 2)GNU/Linux: everything related to linux and its related application, use of linux, promoting linux, development issues will be the center of this club.The aim would be to make students try to make a shift to linux and excel on that. 3)Software Development:here the core development of software will be done, in languages like C/C++/JAVA and similar languages. We'll bepicking up projects initially from the campus and then possibly out of it, if we can proove we can build stable software. The develpment will be all documented throughout and made sure it can be tracked back for any changes/maintainance. 4)Website Development:We are trying to shift to a new website to indicate all our activities over there.also membership links, SAiNT's oouw constituion,hierarchy etc will be listed there. This club will discuss everything related to hosting/designing/maintaing websites. Currently we are discussing usage of CMS for the site.

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Free Kayaking Network. RCKL is a growing community of french kayakers, sharing their passion for the sport. The ultimate goal of the RCKL is to become a major reference for kayaking, outside competition.

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VIBUG Announce

Announcement list for VIBUG, (visually impaired and blind technology users group in Boston, Massachusetts

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GUC Parapente

Mailing list du GUC parapente !

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This list provides ,an information channel , for issues related on manamgment skill on technology related companies and individuals, using mediation technology.

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CWB2005 ICI Coaches mailing list

Discussion group intended to CWB2005-ICI members, for subjects related to information technology, knowledge management and coaching.

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