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Mobil in Bayern

Mobil in Bayern ist eine Mailingliste für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen in Bayern. Sie hat zwei Schwerpunkte: Öffentlicher Personenverkehr und Straßenverkehr sowie Orientierung und Mobilität. Auch all diejenigen, die im Blinden- und Sehbehindertenwesen engagiert sind sowie Eltern blinder oder sehbehinderter Kinder sind herzlich eingeladen, mitzulesen bzw. sich mit ihren Beiträgen an der Liste zu beteiligen. Ihre Ansprechpartner für alle Fragen zu dieser Mailingliste sind die Moderatoren Ute Lutzenberger und Horst Göttler, die sich schon einmal für Ihr Interesse sowie für gepflegte Diskussionen in der Liste bedanken.

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New Jersey Association for Multicultural Counseling

This listserv is for members of the New Jersey Association for Multicultural Counseling to discuss issues of diversity, sensitivity, inclusion, intersectionality, social justice, advocacy, and related topics as they relate to training and professional practice in the counseling field.

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TunerPro discussion and release mailing list

This list is for TunerPro and related software discussion, as well as developer-to-user announcements regarding release and bug information. This is an open discussion list where list members can discuss TunerPro related matters with each other.

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Cycling Group Basel

cyclist in Basel, mainly from Novartis and Roche

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Ryerson Index

The Ryerson Index (ryersonindex.org) is a FREE resource for genealogists. It is an index of more than 5 million Death and Funeral notices appearing in Australian newspapers from 1831 to date and increasing by about 10,000 a week. It is compiled by 100+ volunteers spread across Australia. This list allows the volunteers to correspond with each other to resolve any difficulties with regard to style or in interpretation of ambiguous notices.

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Corvette Club of Michigan

Corvette Club of Michigan supports the SE Michigan Corvette owners. Join our list to be notified about our monthly meeting, competition and social events, and many other corvette related news.

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Make Votes Matter East London

Mailing list for members of Make Votes Matter East London local group.

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Foothills Senior Golf League

This is a golf league meant for the senior golfer located in the Denver community. This email list would be used to communicate to the players any news that they might need. It will not be a blog about golf, but used as a way to communicate to all members of the league

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Illiana Skywarn Weather-spotters Listserve

Illiana Skywarn is a group of volunteer Amateur Radio operators who relay severe weather information to the National Weather Service in order to assist them with issuing weather watches and warnings.

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replay products from Applian

This list was created so that blind users of Applian's products can discuss their functionality with various assistive technology products.

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Beara Garden Club

List for members of the Beara Garden Club in Co. Cork, Ireland. To exchange information about gardening activities of members, arrange visits to interesting gardens in the area and monthly meetings.

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Bobsy Talk

The Bobsy Registry website, www.BobsyRegistry.com, is a great place for Bobsy sports racer History, Registry information (owners current and past), and Photos of these great cars. However, in addition to that website, this email discussion group provides a dynamic forum where Bobsy owners and any interested person, can subscribe and then have ongoing dialog with each other, via email, on subjects of mutual Bobsy interest such as parts availability, suspension setup, tires, engines, etc.

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topics involving butterflies and moths of Louisiana

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VarioUltra User Group

This list is an open forum for VarioUltra customers to get answers to technical support questions, and to share their experiences with other VarioUltra owners. People who do not own VarioUltra are welcome to join. This list is moderated by David Bradburn, formerly with BAUM (USA) Inc.

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Comunidad gvSIG Uruguay

Lista de usuarios y desarrolladores de gvSIG en Uruguay. Un espacio para realizar consultas, compartir experiencias y opiniones.

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