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This list reunites former students of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Relevant topics include molecular genetics, astrophysics, pedagogy, human factors in technology, and related events.

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SNM Roadrunners

Southern New Mexico Roadrunners Car Club, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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Vision Master's Fishing Association

Email list created to facilitate open communications among blind and low vision people interested in all aspects of fishing, from catching fish to cooking fish.

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B1 Tennis

Email group for totally blind tennis players

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Montana Chess

We organize chess tournaments (over-the-board and internet), promote computer chess, computer literacy, internet use, and free open source software (Linux, GNU, etc). This list will be used to send tips on building or buying computers, acquiring free software, using the internet (including chess sites), and also notification of chess events.

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Georgian Bents Association

Georgian Bents is an organization dedicated to the development, manufacture, use and racing of recumbents and human powered vehicles through organized events and meetings.

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Sleaford Bee Keeping Association

Mailing list covering all members of the Sleaford Bee Keeping Association

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Shillelagh Staffs

Subscribe to this list to keep up to date on new stock being added to our Shillelagh Staffs page at www.oldeshillelagh.com/staffs. We get many 100's of requests from people who want to be notified when a certain type of stick will be listed on our website. It is not practical for us to keep track of all these people. Many collectors and enthusiasts have been asking about a mailing list for years, so here it is. Enter your email address below to Subscribe or Unsubscribe!

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Waterfalls in Wisconsin

A comprehensive listing and discussion of every waterfall, rapid and spillway in Wisconsin with reports of ease of access, views available, etc.

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Telecare for Independent Living

Telecare provides support and reassurance to a vulnerable person from outside of their home, using the help of technology. A range of alarms and sensors can help manage the risks of living independently, like falling over or possible fire hazards. The technology aims to help you remain as independent as possible. Telecare has received strong support from central government, who want to see greater use of the technology throughout the country.

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Baronesa de Arary

Distribuition List to discuss all matters related to the Baronesa de Arary condominium located at 1745 Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil.

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Pima Pistol Club-R

This is a non-profit organization of regular membership for the encouragement of organized shooting among citizens of the United States and the state of Arizona, with an emphasis to increase the knowledge of our citizens in the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship

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We're the third team of our table tennis club (KFUM Flensborg) and for easier communication between team members I wanted to create an e-mail list since individual working hours of certain members won't allow more direct communication. The list would mostly be used to discuss traveling time for away games, to announce when one or more players can't make it to games and dealing with reserve players from the fourth team.

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Open Heart Newsletter

Mailing list for the Open Heart Newsletter at the Abode of the Message

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Blind Book Reader

Discussion of Codex plus conversion into various file types read by various digital devices ultimately used by the blind reader. Help, tips and general discussion in this field. All operating systems and devices are welcome although Codex, a program used in the conversion is Windows based. However, importantly, Codex is backward compatible to Windows XP!

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